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‘Swasher’ selected as 2022 Excellent Design (GD) product

'Swasher' was selected as a GD product in the product design category at '2022 GOOD DESIGN KOREA'.

The product design concept of Swasher eliminates the burden of filter replacement costs and provides trust by transparently designing the hygienically managed product interior, while at the same time giving an interior effect to differentiate it from the existing air purifiers. It allows you to enjoy the rainbow vortex with the comfort of air purification while using the product.


Triple Awards in iENA2019, Germany

GONGGONG Co., Ltd. received 3 Crowns

in 2019 Germany iENA International Invention Patent New Product Exhibition held in Nuremberg, Germany


Hankyung Job&Joy interview
CEO Lee sunun

"Make air purifier

purifying performance

improved 3 times,

easy to clean"

The Grand Prize in Korean Outstanding Patent
Living/Air Purifier Part

GONGGONG Co., Ltd. won

the Grand prize in 14th

2020 Korea Excellent Patent

Living/Air Purifier part!


Asia News Interview​
CEO Lee sunun

 "Creating a sustainable world

with air management solutions

that utilize nature"


2021 Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index 1st  - Air purifier part

swasher, won

'2021 Korea Consumer Satisfaction No. 1'

Hit Product Brand

in Air Purifier Part !


monthly interview
CEO Lee sunun

"Transparent and healthy air

created by clean water,

Second half of 2021 final selection in TIPS program

Eco-friendly technology

bloomed with air purifier,

Startups that will lead the 4th industry

in the era of personalization


Hankyoreh interview​
CEO Lee sunun

"We will do our best

to make eco-friendly

and safe products

that care about people"


Grand Prize in
2021 Korea Innovation Award air purifier part

swasher won the grand prize

in the air purifier part

at the '2021 Korea Innovation Awards'!


2021 TCB(Technology Credit Bureau)
T-4 grade Certification

In the technology evaluation excellent company (TCB) certification conducted by NICE Evaluation Information,  GONGGONG Co., Ltd. obtained ‘T-4 grade’, which is a high-tech company grade!

KES2021 Filter-free air purifier swasher revealed

GONGGONG Co., Ltd. participated in 
the 52nd Korea Electronics Show 
(KES2021) and introduced 
a filter-free air purifier 'swasher'!


Hankyung Job&Joy interview
CEO Lee sunun

“We will develop into a company 
that manages the

overall air quality including

oxygen concentration and ventilation”


Air purifier 'Swasher',
CES 2022  Innovation Awards Honoree

GONGGONG Co., Ltd. won the 
Innovation Award at 'CES 2022',

the world's largest home appliance/IT exhibition held in January 2022!


The Grand Prize in Korean Outstanding Patent- Living/Air Purifier Part

GONGGONG Co., Ltd. won 
the Grand prize for 2 years in a row

at the 15th 2021 Korea Excellent Patent Living/Air Purifier part !

2021 Korea Invention Patent Exhibition, Minister Award in MTI(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

GONGGONG Co., Ltd. won

the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award at the 2021 Korea Invention 
Patent Competition


Asia Design Prize 2022

swasher has been selected as a WINNER

in the top 10% of the

international design award



National Science Museum,
​held special exhibition 
'Science New Exhibition'

CES2022 Innovative company that won the Innovation Award and the National Science Museum jointly held a special exhibition.
This is a place where you can experience novel and innovative cutting-edge products of Korea's promising startups


Moneytoday interview
CEO Lee sunun

"We are providing safe and sustainable indoor air quality management solutions based on eco-friendly air purification technology using water."

“The vision is to become the best in the

field of air purifying technology in the

near future, and ultimately to become

an integrated solution company that

can actually help the overall management

of air quality."

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