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Air purification technology for a healthy life

Home healthcare that breathes healthy air!

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Perfectly safe
and convenient 

It uses water, but there's no worry about germs, and it is also possible to automate with convenient technology

that allows you to easily dispose of water and keep the inside clean.

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It is a new air purification technology that

directly purifies the air with water

so that no incineration waste is generated,

and it removes even ultrafine dust, harmful gases, formaldehyde, bacteria and viruses

without using disposable products.

cost savings!

Do you know how much air we breathe?


An adult breathes 7.3 million liters of air per year.

This is equivalent to

15385 times the annual water intake.
Therefore, innovation in operating costs and environmental costs is not an option but a necessity.


Experience the difference

A sustainable future, Swasher's cutting-edge technology leads to a new way of life.


Swasher News

Innovative air purification solutions, Swasher brings a new lifestyle to your home.

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