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Double Vortex

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The future of Sustatinable low-carbon

Air purification technology

“All in one Air Quality Solution”

The filters used today are effective in filtering out some dust, but there are limitations in that the Maintenance cost increases in proportion to usage, and the environmental costs caused by waste incineration increases rapidly.

We solved problem with a sustainable air purification solution that can safely improve air quality using water.



Triple-filter power
in one swirl

From an air tornado to a water vortex
It is a new technology that implements the functions of the
existing triple filter (pre-filter, deodorizing filter, HEPA filter) at once.

A technology that sinks airborne contaminants into water due to friction and exchange of air cyclones and water vortices. Compared to other air purification technologies using water, it is characterized by low noise, no risk of bacterial eruption, and convenient cleaning and hygiene management.

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Toxic gas removal - Deodorization - Sterilization

Triple Air Management

* Microbial contamination test : Bacteria 'not detected'
* Ozone test result : less than 0.005
​Safety-proven triple air management technology.

The friction of the air cyclone and the water vortex without re-scattering​ dust into the water, Only purified air is exhausted upwards.


Airvorne pneumocdccus

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Airvorne Virus

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Harmful bacteria sterilization

Paving the way for
a sustainable and
cleaner future

Comparison before and after Product Operation




After 3 minutes

  100% air purification inside the chamber


Change in water(filter)
Pollution degree

Operating the product for a week in the living room

Recommended cleaning with water change once a week!

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Nature friendly,
Sustainable Technology!

Existing air purifier filters have problems that cause performance degradation due to the accumulation of pollutants, secondary damage caused by the propagation of bacteria from the accumulated pollutants, and a vicious cycle of aggravating air pollution with incinerated waste.

Replacing the HEPA filter, which requires incineration or landfill, with our patented technology, has the effect of planting 38.28 million pine trees annually. (domestic standard)

It is an innovative air purification technology that uses only water and air to live in the most comfortable air condition instead of the existing air purifier filter that is incinerated after use and regenerates a lot of fine dust.

Cost Reduction Effect!

The cost required to replace once a week by using water as a filter is about 0.9 won($0.001). (Based on 1.4L tap water)
※ Considering that the annual replacement cost of the HEPA filter is about 100,000 won($79.5), cost reduction effect of 1/50 level!

"It uses water, but there is no worry about germs,
Automation is also possible with convenient technology that allows you to easily dispose of water
and keep the interior clean.”




Swasher S

Without electrostatic precipitator

Application of new electrostatic dust collection technology


​2024 CES Coming soon

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